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Prescription Drugs

Addictions Counselling

At Change is Possible Counselling Services, we specialize in treating a range of addictions, including substance abuse, alcohol abuse, and opioid misuse, as well as issues related to drinking and driving. Our comprehensive services include assessment, individualized treatment planning, and both individual and group counselling. Using evidence-based strategies, we aim to guide our clients towards sustainable recovery.

Our court-ordered counselling program is designed for individuals facing legal challenges, emphasizing rehabilitation and the reduction of reoffending risks. For those dealing with both mental health and addiction issues, our Concurrent Disorders Service offers integrated group and individual support.

We also provide specialized programs for gambling addiction and opioid concerns, including assessments, harm reduction strategies, and targeted interventions. Whether you're looking to address your own challenges or those of a loved one, our customized programs are crafted to meet your specific needs and help you build a healthier future.

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