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Anger Management

Court-approved anger management therapy for groups and individuals, offered in-person or online. If you’ve been told to get help with your anger, we’re here for you. Learn anger management skills and earn a certificate.

Substance Abuse

Individual and Family Support CIP offers supportive counselling to individuals and/or persons concerned with someone else’s substance use, gambling or gaming behaviour, and co-occurring emotional distress or mental illness. CIP uses a variety of evidence-based counselling modalities, best matched to your needs. Cip works from a harm reduction framework and endorses person-centred care. Psychotherapy This limited service is available for clients who are enrolled in services with CIP. It is a deeper level of counselling that requires a higher degree of skill by the worker. Access to this limited service is determined after a discussion between you, your counsellor and the psychotherapist. Psychotherapy is a process through which you work one-on-one with a highly trained therapist—in a safe, supportive, and confidential environment—to explore your feelings, beliefs, and behaviors, work through challenging memories as well as feelings, and identify problems and aspects of your life that you would like to improve. The psychotherapist helps you develop better cognitive and emotional skills, reduce symptoms of mental illness, resolve problems, and develop coping strategies with the overall goal of improving your well being and emotional health. CIP works with the Justices, crown attorneys, duty counsel, Probation officers and independent lawyers at Court Houses to help people who are before the courts with non-violent charges related to their substance use. Once you are admitted into the drug treatment court program, we provide intensive support to help you change your life so that you avoid further legal issues and experience improved quality of life. If you are interested in this program, ask your lawyer or duty counsel to submit an application on your behalf.

Prescription Drugs

Group Counselling

We have anger management groups and substance abuse groups starting every month. This is a 4 week, 8 hour educational group using an evidence based cognitive behavioral therapy model. This program is designed for individuals with control difficulties. Our group leaders are experienced clinicians and group facilitators. Anger Management Group You Will Learn to: • Understand and anticipate Anger • Identify triggers, cues and consequences of anger • Use strategies to change habits and manage anger • Change your thinking and behaviour surrounding anger • Create an anger control plan • Build better relationships • Some benefits of attending our Anger Group: • Replace aggressive communication with assertive • Affection and connection • Know your responsibility • Domestic Violence Counselling • Court approved anger management certificate • Confidential and Non-Judgmental Atmosphere • Gain new insight and become more empathetic • Ability to build better relationships • Experience less stress Substance Abuse Group • What is addiction • Managing withdrawal symptoms • Warning signs • Dealing with denial • Drinking and driving • Stages of Change • Relapse Prevention • Life after addiction

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